The integration of digital technologies is fundamentally changing the way we operate and deliver value to customers in key industries.


Innovative technologies applied to global real asset markets to support advanced business strategies and expedite transactions.


Advanced technologies applied to educational programs to increase accessibility and facilitate learning.


Leading technologies applied to healthcare to improve patient safety and quality of life.


Driving innovation through computer science engineering.


Our services include access to infrastructure to carry out technological tests, the development of digital skills, business information, and access to financing.

If you are looking to grow your digital business, Ready Player Ventures is equipped with the training and experience necessary to walk you through the process.

About us

Digital transformation is a competitive space that is gaining ground. Staying competitive requires putting AI to work. Ready Player Ventures supports digital transformation start-ups in the real estate, education and healthcare sectors. Our highly qualified and experienced team is growing the ESG-minded technological brands of tomorrow, today.

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